Headquartered in Denver, CO, CryptoBull Capital was launched to help those looking to gain exposure to Digital Assets that don't have the substantial amount of time required to master the space.  
We believe digital assets are driving the next technological revolution and should be a part of everyone’s investment portfolio.​

In our opinion, investors who are aggressively trying to increase their net-worth simply can’t afford to miss out on technological revolutions.

CryptoBull Capital was started this firm to give people access to the high-quality level of digital asset management that they deserve without it becoming a full-time job.
Mike Klein's background includes 10 years of investing experience in Venture Capital and Private Equity.

Beginning in 2017, Mike brought the discipline he acquired from his VC background to the crypto space. Some of his successful investments include Ethereum, Cardano, Tezos, Atom, Yearn Finance, and Crypto.com.

He is passionate about building wealth through investing in disruptive technologies, especially those that increase access to wealth generation opportunities.

In his free time, he enjoys traveling, fast cars, hiking, and anything involving his dog Frankie.
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